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Thông tin về lễ hội, mua bán căn hộ, công nghệ & digital marketing

The myths you may not know about Halloween

The myths you may not know about Halloween

Halloween is the annual festival that takes place in late October and early November, during which people are disguised and dressed in disgust. But what is the festival to commemorate? Why do people dress up and dress so ghastly? Is it a ritual or is it a remnant of pagan rituals since ancient times?

Halloween background origin

Today’s Halloween comes from the Celtic people, who lived more than 2,000 years ago in the lands that are now England, Ireland and northern France. The Celtic people start the New Year on November 1. The festival marks the beginning of the cold season, the dark days usually associated with the decline and death of mankind. The Celts believed that Samhain allowed the souls of the dead to return home on earth that night.

myth of halloween

In 43, the Romans conquered the land of the Celtic rulers and ruled for about 400 years. During this period there are two Samhain ceremonies of the Celtic people. One of them was FALALIA which was celebrated in late October to honor those who died, the second was for Pomona, the Roman goddess for fruit and plants. Perhaps because Pomona goddess apple was incorporated into Halloween. In the UK, Halloween is sometimes called the Nutcrack Night or Snap Apple Night because everyone in the family sits around the fireplace telling stories and eating roasted peanuts or chewing “apples.”

On “Souls,” the poor went “go-a-souling” and they would be given the leftovers called “soul cakes” so they promised to pray. vow to “the spirits.”

Halloween came to America because the first immigrants, mostly from the United Kingdom and some from the Celtic regions, brought a lot of customs to the United States. But for many reasons, it was not until the 1800s that it became a popular custom.

Legend of Halloween

myth of halloween 2

According to Ireland’s legend, the term “jack-lanterns” comes from a man named Jack. Jack is a young man who dies but his soul is not allowed to enter Heaven for the reason that: when he was alive, he was a greedy, dull, often hiding money, a little something But he can not go to hell because he was playing with the devil while he was alive, so the demon did not arrest him.

It is said that one day a demon came to disturb a residential area, unfortunately alarmed, people came to the rescue of the monks brought the holy objects to “support” and “lock the door” in and out. So the demon was arrested … Jack realized that the demon was playing with him and Jack managed to remove the “demonic support” to open the way for the demon to escape.

In order to save our lives, the Devil promised Jack not to take Jack to Hell. Therefore, when Jack dies of an accident, Jack’s soul is rejected by Heaven. Jack goes to hell, but the devil does not enter … because of the promise first. Seeing Jack coldly miserable, Devil took some of the charcoals in Hell put a pumpkin in the bowels and gave Jack to warm … on the way back to the world. In order for the air to enter the fire, Jack must perforate the pumpkin .. and the flames in the light shining light on the path of Jack’s wandering. Maybe Jack must hold the lights wandering on the ground until the last judgment of humanity.

Pumpkin symbol

halloween pumpkin

According to Irish legends, an alcoholic named Sting Jack steals stuff in a village and has been chased by people. Jack fled, and on the way he met a demon sent to capture his soul. But Jack tricked the demon into the old apple tree and did not let it down by placing the cross on the bark.

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