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Thông tin về lễ hội, mua bán căn hộ, công nghệ & digital marketing

How to make a pumpkin for Halloween

How to make a pumpkin for Halloween

Pumpkin lamps are one of the most distinctive and popular decorations for Halloween festivities. It looks quite complicated, but the way of doing it is simple. Let’s do a pumpkin pumpkin welcome the new Halloween together:

Choose pumpkin

Kind of pumpkin big and shaped like you usually see in the Halloween festival is quite hard to find and high cost. You can substitute Vietnamese pumpkin but remember to choose large fruits so that we can easily do in the shaping step.

Select the pattern

Choose the motif that you want to engrave on the pumpkin. Typically, the pumpkin lamp will be shaped like a human face. However, you can also create many other fancy textures, depending on your taste and creativity.

Draw a sample on the pumpkin

After you have chosen the pattern that you like, we paint on the pumpkin. Also, let’s not forget to draw a circle with a radius of about 5cm with a centered stem.

Remember to use the easy-to-clean brush to light up your pumpkin when it’s done.

Select the knife

For carving patterns on pumpkins, we need to use a serrated blade similar to a bread knife.

Remember not to use the normal knife we ​​still use offline. As such, you will have to use a lot of power to cut the pumpkin shell according to the pattern that you want.

Capped lid

We begin the process of cutting the pumpkin in the shape that was drawn first.

First, you will start with the lid. Place the knife at an angle of about 45 degrees from the outside to the center of the circle. This will help the stem not fall into the pumpkin when you make it to the final cut. After you have removed the lid, you flip the knife again so that the cuts are not lopsided.

Get rid of the pumpkin bowel

Use a large spoon or simply use your hands to get the guts, seeds, fiber inside the pumpkin. If you shave as clean, when setting the candle will help your pumpkin shine more light through engraved motifs.

See more here for clear explanation:

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