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Halloween Idea #81
Do you throw away your jack-o-lanterns when they start to rot? It seems such a shame to just toss them out with the trash after you sent so much time carving and enjoying them. Why not start a tradition of burying them instead!

Make a ceremony, get the whole family together and honor the pumpkins that gave their lives for your Halloween! If you have a back yard, this works well, the neighbors won't think you're a little off! We dig a hole big enough to hold all of our Jack-O-Lanterns and have a headstone that we made that is up all year. We bury them in the same place each year. We are hoping that someday maybe a few pumpkins will start growing from any left over seeds inside one of them.

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Halloween Idea #82
For a simple party game, buy a bunch of mini pumpkins and play "find the pumpkins". If you are doing this for one child, you can number them and tell them that they have to find them in order. You can leave a clue written on the pumpkin or on a piece of paper to give them a hint where to find the next one. If they find one out of order, they have to leave it and come back to it later.

Have an "Easter Egg" type hunt, hide a bunch of them, the amount will depend on how many participants there are, and who ever finds the most wins a prize. Set a time limit for how long they have to look. Draw a Jack-O-Lantern face on it and who ever finds that one gets an extra prize. Hide them all over the house and yard and the person who finds the most wins a prize! For more game ideas, try here!


Halloween Idea #83
Be sure and save some of your Halloween spending money for those day after Halloween sales! You can pick up all kinds of things that you'll be able to use next year at discounted prices! Pick up things that you might need like paper goods for parties, decorations, even fog machines and strobe lights. Many stores mark this stuff down right after Halloween, some on that night, and you can get anywhere from 25% to 75% off on things.

Don't get things like makeup, it will go bad before you get to use it. Food items, like cake mix or cookie mix, frosting and edible decorations should have expiration dates on them so you can check those out to see if they'd last that long. A bargain isn't a bargain if you end up throwing it away!

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Halloween Idea #84
People decorate their vehicles with American flags for July 4th, they write all over them for Homecoming, they put wreaths on the grill for Christmas so why not do some Halloween decorating, too? Decorate your vehicle for Halloween! Hang a wreath or decoration on the front grill, have a Halloween slogan license plate holder made, make an antenna ball out of a little pumpkin!

Just make sure that anything you add is in accordance with local law and also doesn't block your vision. You can use some of those sticky reusable window decals of blood dripping or bloody hand prints on your inside windows. If you have a life sized skeleton, why not dress him up and put him in the passenger seat or back seat?  There's a ton of little things that you can do to make your vehicle look like a rolling Halloween haunt!

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Halloween Idea #85
Using a fog machine indoors can be a bit tricky. Since the fog juice is usually glycol based, it can make floors slippery, leave a film on everything and make it hard to breathe. If using a fog machine indoors make sure to have proper ventilation. Better still, look for a fog juice with a water base or use a few misting systems to make cauldrons or other displays that give the illusion of fog. More Fog FAQ's here!

If you can have your Halloween party outside, it's much better. You don't have the worry of what the fog machines will do. You can use your garage or a back porch area to set up for a party and still give the feeling of being indoors. You still have three walls and a roof so if it rains or the weather is chilly, you can enjoy your Halloween party.

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Halloween Idea #86
Get together with your neighbors and have an old fashioned neighborhood Halloween block party! If not that, try and get everyone on your street to decorate for Halloween and let the local news station and paper know about it! Promote Halloween, it's the one truly fun night of the year! Click here for more ideas.

See if your local elementary or middle schools are interested in having a Halloween party with all proceeds going to a local charity. You can do a Halloween Carnival theme and have game booths, food and beverages, prizes for best costume, a mini haunted house suitable for all ages. There are all kinds of things that you can do for Halloween that make it not only fun but helpful for charities. We all know how bad the economy is, lots of groups need all the help they can get so why not lend a hand?


Halloween Idea #87
Let your children know not to cut through back alleys and fields when out trick or treating. Make sure they know to stay in populated places and don't go off the beaten track. Tell them to stay in well lit areas and make sure they carry a flash light of some kind.

Go over a list of rules with your kids to let them know how to be safe, to look out for themselves when you aren't with them and how to have common sense when it comes to making choices that could land them in trouble. While it's okay to knock on the door, never go into a strangers house while trick-or-treating, give them a flashlight to use when walking in the dark so they don't trip and fall. Don't eat any candy until mom and dad have a chance to check it first. These are just a few things that will keep them safe.


Halloween Idea #88
If you have a particularly gruesome yard haunt set up, make sure you have warning signs up so that those with a weak stomach can be forewarned. Also, consider setting up a less gruesome one for the younger kids to  enjoy! Some people, both adults and kids, are frightened more easily than others. You want them to have a good time at your home haunt, tell people about it and come back next year so make sure that it's got something for everyone.

You can also have a schedule set up, between certain hours it's a lighter scare, after a certain time it gets a bit more gory. How ever you want to do it, be sure to put up signs or fliers to let people know just what the acre factor is so you won't spoil your night or theirs!


Halloween Idea #89
Be sure that you set a time limit for your kids to be home by if they go trick or treating with a group or are at a party. Make sure they know how important it is for them to be home on time or to call home if there is a problem. Make sure that both you and them have a cell phone so you can keep in touch during the night. For more tips check here.

Kids are busy having fun and lose track of time or the fact that when they are late mom and dad worry about them. Be sure that they know how important it is to check in while they are away from home. Let them know that while they are out to have fun, there can be dangers if they don't keep an eye open. Even though it sounds cliché, make sure that they know not to get into vehicles with people they don't know.


Halloween Idea #90
If you and your child are going out trick or treating with a group, make your child's costume a unique one so you can spot them easily in a crowded area. If there's something eye catching about their costume or what they are carrying, you can find them easily in any crowd. Click here for some great costume ideas!

If you check out actual Halloween stores that have a huge selection of costumes you are more likely to find something unique than one picked up at your local mass market retailer, who usually get a small selection in. While you are looking, check out costumes for adults as well. You'll need something to wear, too! Maybe pick out theme costumes for the whole family, like the Addams Family, and have everyone dress as a different character.

Halloween Idea 90

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