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Halloween Idea #71
A tasty treat can be made using simple marshmallows, melted white chocolate and sucker sticks. They're called Ghosts on a Stick but if you drizzle the chocolate round and round them, you can make Mummies on a stick. Use green chocolate and you've got Monsters on a Stick. They are easy to make and you can adapt them any way you want.

Check this article out for the rest of the recipe and check out the site for lots of Halloween tasty treats! Traditional treats really bring back seasonal holiday memories and Halloween treats seem to start off the year with caramel corn, candies apples, caramel apples, pop corn balls and so much more.

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Halloween Idea #72
Wonder what to do with all those Halloween pictures, old and new? Scan them and make a scrap book or photo display. Scrap booking is a great way to preserve memories in a non-photo book way. They add more character to photos by making special little books full of memories.

If you are not familiar with scrap booking, go here for more info! Once you get started, you'll want to make up special books for all occasions! We know some people that have actually turned it into a business, trying photos from people, making copies of course, and making a beautiful scrap book of a special time in their lives. It's a fun way to keep your photo memories intact in a book form and looks so much better than a plain photo album.

Halloween Idea 72


Halloween Idea #73
Looking for ideas on how to make your Halloween haunt the absolute best? There are  quite a few books out there, some great, some not so great. Check websites like Amazon.com for how-to books. Before you buy make sure and read the reviews on each book. They are a good indicator as to how good a book is or isn't.

You might also try your local book store and see if they carry any kind of books on setting up a haunted house. Some book stores have whole Halloween related sections now. You'll find books on arts and crafts for Halloween, home and professional haunting, costumes how-to's and many more. There are so many little Halloween recipe books you see at grocery store check outs, be careful! Most of them have the same things in them year after year with a new cover. Always leaf through before you buy!

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Halloween Idea #74
Sitting around with nothing to do, wanting to surf personal Halloween sites but tired of looking at the thousands of search links? Try a web site specific site that has only Halloween links, like this one! Over the years, it seems like even though Halloween is getting more popular, there are less personal sites to see.

People need to jump back on the personal website wagon and start showing what they do for Halloween! In a world of Facebook, MySpace, Pintrest and all the other social sites out there, people are getting away from making their own sites and relying on these sites to talk about them selves, show off their pictures and such. Give me a good old personal website any day!

Halloween Idea 74


Halloween Idea #75
Add some color to your jack-o-lantern display by using some of the many varieties of pumpkins that are out there. Try out the Cinderella, Snowball,  or Atlantic Giant. Some grocery stores and other stores that sell pumpkins are getting some of these varieties in stock but a pumpkin farm is your best bet. If there aren't any in your area, look for a pumpkin lot to set up. They sometimes carry other varieties of pumpkins like the ones above.

In case you didn't know about these other types of pumpkins you can get more info if you check here! You'll find a listing of just about every pumpkin variety there is along with all kinds of pumpkin information on growing your own.

Halloween Idea 75


Halloween Idea #76
Add some skulls and bones to your grave yard haunt or to any Halloween display. Place random piles of bones and the occasional skull around and it can really set off your graveyard or walk way. There are so many things that you can do with random bones and skulls to dress up not only your haunt but your home Halloween decor.

If you have a fireplace, add a pile on either side. You can tie leg bones together and make long strings of them to hang up in a door way as a curtain. You can visit this site for more ideas as well since it's dedicated to Halloween Skeletons!

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Halloween Idea #77
Look in unusual places for unique Halloween decor! Try places like Avon, that has a surprisingly big line of Halloween items each year. The cover to the right is for their campaign 19 Halloween 2014 sale and can all items can be found on line by clicking here right now! This book's items are available until 10-03-2014. Contact your local Avon Ind. Rep for more info if you don't want to order on line.

This year they have everything from glow in the dark slippers, stuffed animated toys, jewelry, door greeters and a couple of cute baby costumes to the usual Halloween hand lotion and lip moisturizer. You'll also find some Thanksgiving things there, too. Avon has really dropped it's prices to help out during these trying financial times so check them out if you haven't in a while!


Halloween Idea #78
You can buy large rope spider webs and giant spiders at most Halloween stores, like the one at right. It's black but we sprayed it with glow-in-the-dark hair spray and put a black light over it to make it glow. you can attach spiders all over it and spray them if you like, our buy plastic spiders and some day glow paint to paint them. That shows up very well under a black light.

Click here and check out the Creepy Cobweb section to see some great things to do with large spider webs and even the pull apart web that comes in bags. People just don't like spiders and adding something like this to your decorations will really put a scare into them!


Halloween Idea #79
Sending Halloween cards and post cards  has been a long tradition that is dying out. Even though the stores are full of Halloween cards they aren't being sent out like they used to be and we need to do something about that!

There are a multitude of Halloween cards to be found at this time of year, make sure you send cards to friends and family! You can buy them or make them yourself with your computer and a card making program or if you don't send snail mail cards, send e-cards instead! Here's a good place to start! It lets people that may be far away from you know that you are thinking about them during the Halloween season.

Halloween Idea 79


Halloween Idea #80
Add artificial ravens and crows to the tops of tombstones, in the trees, anywhere they can sit and stare at your visitors. You can find them at most arts and crafts stores, department type stores, just about everywhere! You'll also find owls and other birds like vultures that you can add for more ambiance.

You can find some that come with eyes that light up red by using a small battery pack inside. They make a creepy looking addition to your yard haunt or just to the decorations on your porch. If you have a Halloween tree, you can add them to that as well.

You'll also find rats, cats and other Halloween related creatures that are life-like and go great in scenes.

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