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Halloween Idea #61
If you want to display your Halloween spirit on the outside of your house, why not hang out a banner or flag on October 1st?You can find all kinds of Halloween flags and banner during the Halloween season. Hang one or two up around your house to show your Halloween spirit! You can find all kinds of flags and banners at local mass retailers and arts and crafts stores like Michael's that get the Halloween stuff out early.

If you have a flag pole why not fly Old Glory and hang a Halloween flag right under it? We found a very cool black flag with a Jack-O-lantern on it. Unfortunately the wind is strong where we live and there is nothing left of it but a foot of faded black nylon. Next time, I'll use clear nylon thread and sew the seams on it a few times to reinforce them!

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Halloween Idea #62
Make some Halloween wreaths to hang on your front door and around the inside of your house. They are simple to make and fun to do! You can find everything you need at any arts and crafts store or even places like Wal-mart! Just remember to have plenty of glue sticks for your glue gun and pick up some glow-in-the-dark sticks for some extra fun!

You can make a multitude of Halloween crafts that you can do by yourself or have the kids join in for some family time. Click here for plenty of ideas including Halloween and Autumn wreaths that will dress your home and doors with color!

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Halloween Idea #63
We had a friend that sold her house and was moving into an apartment. She loves Halloween and would always decorate her home and yard. Now that she'd be living in an apartment complex she wondered what she could still do for Halloween and we came up with this idea for her. Click here to see what we did.

If you live in a small apartment, there's no reason why you can set up some nice life sized diorama-like scenes around if you make the right use of the space you have!  It's easy and you may have most of what you need if you are one to decorate for Halloween. If not, you can buy the basics at most mass market retailers, any local Halloween store or arts and crafts store.


Halloween Idea #64
Halloween celebrations are going on all over the country, this is a good time to visit cities like New Orleans and  Salem, Mass. If you live close by, join in the festivities! Don't forget to check out your local haunts like the Jaycees and other charitable haunts! Autumn is the perfect time to drive along the East coast and see the wonderful colors as the leaves change.

Click here read about the 13 Spookiest Places to visit in the United States. This is the perfect time to take a vacation! It's off season and prices for planes, hotels and car rentals are less expensive. Maybe you'll find a few that are close enough for you to drive

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Halloween Idea #65
Adding a strobe light to your yard haunt can really jazz it up! Use it along with a fog machine for extra effect! Read more about using lighting effects by clicking here. You'll find all sorts of ideas for strobe lights, black lights and colored lighting to dress up your house and haunt for Halloween.

Using strobe lights timed with a CD player to make a thunderstorm effect is very cool and you can find many companies making lightning effect machines now. Check out any seasonal Halloween stores that may open in your area or mass market retailer where you can find them.

Any spooky lighting makes a great addition to your haunt!

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Halloween Idea #66
Tired of a plain old skeleton? Turn him into a vampire! Using an inexpensive cardboard coffin and some prop clothing, your skeleton can become the corpse on the undead!

They make great props and you can do so many things with skeletons, you need to have a few to add some fun to your haunt. You can also dress them up like scare crows, replace the head with a lighted, hard plastic Jack-O-Lantern and dress it up for a super scary creature to put in your graveyard!

Skeletons can add so much to a haunt and you can do so many things with them!

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Halloween Idea #67
You can easily build a rotting corpse out of a cheap plastic skeleton using paper towel, spray glue, spray foam insulation and a little more. It'll add some life to your Halloween haunt! You'll find a very interesting article by clicking here to find out just how to do it.

It's a fun project and looks very life-like when finished. It looks like he's been in the ground for decades and you can also dress him up with worn, torn, dirty clothes to add to the look. Put him in your graveyard in a half open grave and you'll hear some screams from your guests! Make sure and add some spooky lighting, from the idea above, to make him stand out! It's a fun project that will give you a feeling of "Hey, I made that!" when people compliment you on it.

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Halloween Idea #68
At a loss for a costume idea? A quick and easy costume is the Totally Skelebones skeleton costume that is readily available during Halloween season. It's a great costume for everyone, it comes in colors and glow in the dark, which is great under a black light!

When you put this costume on, for some reason, it makes you just want to act kooky!  You'll have lots of fun with this one! It's great for using in a haunted house. Dress up a few people in this costume and then use a black background. Have a black light ready to turn on when people walk in and they'll be surrounded by glowing skeletons. It's such a versatile costume, you'll love it!!

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Halloween Idea #69
Dress your pets up for Halloween! Lots of cool costumes are available for them. But only do this if they like it, don't force your pet to do anything that seems to bother them! See more here!

If you are having a party or a lot of trick or treaters, be sure to put nervous pets in a bedroom or someplace where they won't be startled by all the noise. Some pets don't appreciate Halloween. You don't want your dog or at to run out an open door or be frightened by party guests. It's much better to put them in a room for the evening with food, water and a litter box (for cats).

Some dogs don't mind being in the spotlight and will love being dressed up and shown off for Halloween!

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Halloween Idea #70
Do an "ultimate" costume this year, be it vampire, zombie, grim reaper or mummy. Check out some of the "Ultimate" costume how-to's by clicking here and going to the bottom of the page. You'll find step by step instructions how to go all out using contacts, fangs, latex prosthetics, and high end costumes.

If you are having a Halloween party or going to one, you'll be all set to win first prize for best costume with the ideas you'll find, not only for the ideas mentioned above, there's a whole listing of costume ideas to put you in the spot light!

Be the hit of any party with the right costume and makeup to go along with it!

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