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Halloween Idea #51
To make the fog from your fog machine lay on the ground, build an inexpensive fog chiller from PVC pipe and an old cooler. It makes a great effect for your yard haunt and it's fairly inexpensive to do. What happens is the warm fog is chilled on it's way through the cooler which makes it lay on the ground and roll across the area it is directed to.

If you have a grave yard set up, you can use a long piece of perforated PVC pipe and cover it with leaves. It makes it look like the fog is coming up from the ground, through the dirt and leaves. It really gives your haunted grave yard a creepy look!

To learn how to do it, click here. You'll find this and other fog machine ideas to try out.

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Halloween Idea #52
What would Halloween be with a skeleton hanging from the porch or a sitting under a tree? Bucky Skeletons are economical articulated adult size hard plastic skeleton that are made by a medical company and sold as factory seconds because of blemishes or imperfections. Other then surface marks or a slightly bent bone, they are just fine and such fun to use.

Unlike the paper or cheap plastic skeletons these look very real and you can buy this time of the year. So, add a skeleton or two to your haunt or party. Bucky's have been around for years and people love them! You can do so many things with them to add some extra spice to your Halloween haunt or decorations. You can find these inexpensive medical seconds year round by clicking here.

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Halloween Idea #53
Black lights have been in use for decades for things like lighting up posters, used in special effects at amusement parks and anywhere that wants to make things really show up in bright colors. You can buy special UV paint that glows under a black light to decorate your haunt and give it a 3-D effect.

Anything white will stand out on it's own under a black light. You can now find makeup, nail polish, hair spray, clothing and many other things that are made specifically to glow under a black light. Liven up your black light effects by using some florescent paint, cosmetics and material to show off the glow! Some great effects can be created with some black paint and fluorescent paint that will really impress your guests! Click here to learn more about fun with black lights!

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Halloween Idea #54
You can find all kinds of collectable toys at this time of year from Mattel, McFarlane, Sideshow Toys and others! If you are into collecting anything from horror film action figures to Barbie dolls, you'll find special editions that come out around Halloween time. Over the past 20 years a multitude of small companies have come and gone, producing toys like "Living Dead Dolls", "Garbage Pail Kids", reproductions of toys from the 50's and 60's like the "Big Daddy Roth Rat Fink" collectables.

They all make great gifts for that special someone in your life or for yourself if you collect them. Some are no longer available and some can still be found but we found a lot of childhood memories here to entertain us.

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Halloween Idea #55
Hook a web cam up to your computer and run it through the internet and set up a Halloween night viewing site! You can do it for your Halloween party or at your front door to let people see the trick-or-treaters that come to your house.

This is a great way to let family members that may be scattered across the country to see you and your family on Halloween night! You can also use services like Skype to talk and see at the same time so grandparents can see their grandkids in costume real time before you take them out for trick-or-treating. With technology the way it is today, there's no reason that someone in Bora Bora shouldn't be able to join in your Halloween fun in the U.S. with the simple hook up of a web cam!

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Halloween Idea #56
Set a boom-box or portable stereo system on your roof and play some spooky mood music! Many rock, theme and haunted sounds CD's can be found at this time of year! Music can add the perfect mood to your haunt or party. Try some oldies hits, some new mood music or sound effects. Here's a few examples!

It's a great way to greet the kids that come to your door on Halloween night or for your Halloween party guests to hear the rockin' sounds as they arrive. You can use this if you are having an out door party in the back yard as well, just set it in an out of the way place and let someone DJ for the night. Whether you use a laptop and speakers or a stereo system, enjoy the Halloween tunes!

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Halloween Idea #57
Photographs make memories to keep, something that you can look at and remember the great times you've had. Take lots of Halloween photos of your family, friends and party guests. If you have a party, leave disposable cameras around so everyone can catch candid shots! Remember, digital isn't the only way to go!

People now use their cell phones and digital cameras to take pictures more than any other type of camera but film cameras do still exists and some people prefer the look of film. Whatever type you use, post them online for your friends and family to see that may not live in your area. It keeps you in touch with loved ones, which is getting harder to do every day in this busy world.

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Halloween Idea #58
Make your Halloween party a theme party. Every one must dress as the theme, such as pirates, vampires, zombies, witches, etc. When you decide what theme to do, send out invites explaining what your party is all about. You can throw one every year and change the genre each year. While you may want everyone to come as a pirate, it's interesting to see the different costume ideas that your guests come up with.

Have a Halloween costume contest at your party! Give prizes out for the best imagination used, the silliest and the least Halloween themed costumes! Click here for the perfect Halloween party planning! You'll find all kinds of ideas for adult and children's Halloween parties.

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Halloween Idea #59
Have a pumpkin carving night with your friends or family. Send out invitations, you can supply the pumpkins or have it B.Y.O.P. (bring your own pumpkin). Have some seasonal homemade treats ready for your group to enjoy when you all take  a carving break.

You can do them free hand or use stencils, you'll want to have a good supply of carving tools for everyone to use and a large area all set up for gutting and carving the pumpkins. If you have nice weather, hold it in the afternoon outside.

This is great for a kids party, you can give prizes out to the most creative!

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Halloween Idea #60
If you have a plain door bell, why not spice it up for Halloween by replacing it with a programmable one. You can use recorded music, a spooky voice or whatever you want to set the mood! Anything from dogs barking to screams can be recorded on to this battery operated door bell and ringer. No wires are attached, just put in batteries and hang them up. You can find them in hardware stores and online and they are so easy to install, there's no reason why you shouldn't add one to use year round.

You can use any type of music or sound so have your Halloween guests greeted with a scary voice, chains rattling or screams. During other holidays you can change the sound to Christmas carols, a turkey gobbling sound, what ever to fits the occasion.

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