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Halloween Idea #41
If you are having a working home haunt that people will be walking through, it's a good idea to check with your home owners insurance company to make sure you're covered you should there be an accident. You may want extra coverage for how ever long you'll have your home haunt open.

Most insurance companies that deal with home owners insurance can provide a rider to your insurance that covers special events, in this case your Halloween haunt, against any liabilities like someone falling down, or getting hurt somehow that could result in you being sued. It can be a costly add-on but for a few nights, it's worth adding it. It could save you much more in the long run! Contact your local agent and find out.

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Halloween Idea #42
Make sure that any store bought costume has been treated with a fire retardant. Nylon, polyester and other materials used to make mass produced Halloween costumes can be highly flammable if not treated with a flame retardant. Those made out of vinyl can be particularly hazardous because rather than burn, they melt.

If you have any doubt about a costume that you buy, when you get it home, try cutting a small piece of material off an inner seam and do a burn test on it. See if it burns and how fast when you put a match to it. If you are going to sew a costume at home, see if you can get a small swatch of the material before you buy it and do the same test on it.

Halloween Idea 42

Halloween Idea #43
Instead of buying your pumpkins in a grocery store, check your local phone book and newspaper for  pumpkin farms in your area. Make a week-end trip with your kids and let them pick out their own pumpkins! Not only are pumpkins usually less expensive at farms or stands but you have the pleasure of picking out the one you want and cutting it off the vine yourself. You can't get a fresher pumpkin than that!

Most pumpkin farms set up a carnival-like area for the kiddies at this time of year with rides, games and some great food! Click here to read an article about our trip to a pumpkin farm and see how fun it can be! If you live in the mid-west and eastern parts of the country you'll be more likely to find them. The desert southwest isn't the best place for growing pumpkins but you're in luck if you live in California.

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Halloween Idea #44
Why watch scary movies all alone? Have a Halloween film festival every weekend in October. Watch a scary film, an old classic or a newer horror movie. Make some popcorn, invite friends over!

Don't invite more people than your viewing area can handle. Make it a small group of close friends, if there's not enough couch space, put some big pillows on the floor for people to flop on. Set a time for viewing, like 3 or 4 hours. That give you time for two movies and a break in between to enjoy some pizza or snacks. Make sure that you have a variety of movies to choose from so everyone agrees on what to watch. If the first movie has a good sequel, make that the second movie for the night.

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Halloween Idea #45
If you and your significant other are going out together on Halloween, why not pick couples costumes? Some costumes ideas include Frankenstein and his bride, a vampire couple, a ghostly bride and groom. There are a ton of costumes ideas to choose from!

Click here for all kinds of costume ideas  for couples, singles, kids, babies, pets and anything else you can think of dressing up in a costume for Halloween. Some people like to dress the same every year, they have the perfect costume all set up and that's fine. But maybe it's time to step out of your comfort range and be something completely different then you've ever been before and it's more fun to do with someone you love!

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Halloween Idea #46
If you live in a more rural area or have the yard space, grow your own pumpkins for carving! It's a tricky business that can become addicting. Once you have the hang of it, you'll want to try and grow some record sized pumpkins. There are contests all over the country for the biggest pumpkin grown and it seems like every year they get bigger!

It's something that you can get your kids involved in and they'll enjoy carving a pumpkin that they helped grow. If you set up a yard haunt or a fake pumpkin patch, you can use the dried out leaves and vines as part of your setting. Make sure that you start the growing process to time with Halloween. Learn more here!

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Halloween Idea #47
You can make very simple tombstones that will add a lot to your yard haunt or Halloween party using a few items from the hardware or craft store. You'll need some Styrofoam sheets that are no less than two inches thick, cutting tools, acrylic paints, carving tools and some artistic sense.

We made some very simple ones on our first try, many years ago and in a dark haunted scene they looked just fine. You can get really creative and build a mausoleum or large monument type tombstones if you want put some work into them. They can be fun to make and really get your creativity flowing! Check here for more info!

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Halloween Idea #48
If you live off the beaten path, build a giant Halloween beacon to draw trick or treaters to your house. Its easy to make using a large plastic jack-o-lantern, some ABS pipe and a few assorted attachment pieces. This light really stands out!

You can make it as tall as you want or you can make two smaller ones and use them on either side of your driveway to welcome visitors. If you live in a more rural area, you'll want it to be seen far and wide, so you'll have to decide how tall you want it to be once it's on your roof.

 Instructions are available here!

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Halloween Idea #49
You can make some beautiful Halloween photo frames to put your Halloween memories in and display for all to see! All you need are some inexpensive picture frames, black and orange acrylic paint and crackle coat for acrylic paint and sponge paint applicators. Once you do them for Halloween, you'll want to make them for every holiday!

Use a multi picture frame that holds eight to ten pictures and add year by year pictures of your kids or of yourself in different costumes. If you have a grandparent that would love to see their grandchild dressed in their Halloween costume, make a single frame just special for them! Easy, fast and you'll love them! Learn how here! You'll find a whole list of Halloween crafts to inspire you!

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Halloween Idea #50
Bag candy is fine for  all the trick or treaters that you may have but what about making some homemade treats to hand out to kids that you know? You can make a batch of caramel apples, pop corn balls or other sweet treats! Home made is always better!

Just make sure that you only give out home made treats to people that you know or they may end up in the trash. Strangers would be leery of a home made treat but family friends won't be. These are also great treats to make for a Halloween party for kids or adults. If you don't want to make them for a party or to hand out, just make some treats for your family! Nothing says Autumn like a juicy caramel apple or caramel corn!

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