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Halloween Idea #31
Keep your pumpkin seeds when gutting your pumpkin so you can roast them up later for a fun Halloween treat! Not only is it a taste of nostalgia for you to give your kids but you'll enjoy them yourself. Roasted pumpkin seeds have been a tradition for a long, long time.

They are also nutritious, they are high in fiber, oleic acid, the amino acids tryptophan and glutamate, vitamin E, Niacin and essential minerals like copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

for the best ways to bake pumpkin seeds check out the instructions here!

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Halloween Idea #32
There are a ton of Halloween and horror related fonts out there to use on your computer and many of them are shareware. Use them to dress up invitations and make banners for your party. You can also make count down calendars for Halloween. Even letters at Halloween time can be written on Halloween border paper with Halloween fonts.

 Try this site for a great selection for downloadable Halloween and scary fonts that can be used for all types for projects. Let the kids help design the invitations for their Halloween party using Scary fonts and Halloween clipart that you can find at other sites or may already have on your computer. Some card making programs, like Hallmark, have a great selection of Halloween graphics in them.

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Halloween Idea #33
Decorate yourself for Halloween!! Paint Halloween nails in candy corn colors or black and orange  . It's easy to do even for a non-professional. Everything you need, you can pick up at a local drug store or mass market retailers like Wal-mart. You'll need French Tip strips, choose the straight ones for toe nails. Choose an orange and black polish, for the candy corn, add a white and yellow. make your strips diagonal or straight across.

You can apply your own acrylic nails are have a set put on professionally. Long, curvy ones look nice for Halloween but some people have a hard time using them so you can use shorter nails. It basically depends on how you like your nails. I like mine long and claw-like. For more detailed info on how to do these nail designs and where to find more ideas, click here!

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Halloween Idea #34
There are many types of fake blood and what better time of year to use them! You can make you own out of a traditional recipe that's been used for years but tends to stain anything it comes into contact with that's made from household items like Karo syrup and food coloring.

It's sticky and the food coloring stains unless you apply petroleum jelly to any areas of flesh that it will cover and it will stain any clothing you might splash it on. While it's an easy alternative to fake blood, there are many types on the market that do not stain and come off easily with cold cream or makeup remover. The choice is yours! The best retail blood can be found at DearBloodyMary.com, a site owned by Hollywood makeup artist Bobbie Weiner. The texture is nice, it isn't sticky and it doesn't stain.

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Halloween Idea #35
You can now buy balloons that contain a very small battery powered LED light inside. These typically have three modes, slow blink, fast blink, and constant on, and stay lit for up to ten hours. Filled with helium and tethered via fishing line, the balloon will float over your house just about all night long. Plus, the balloons are available in orange.

While this looks different from our Goblin Lights (idea #23), it is a really cool looking effect! Check your local party supply store for this type of balloon. For a do-it-yourself version, place a lighted glow stick in a balloon before you fill it with helium and tie it off. Do the same as Goblin Lights and let it float.

Halloween Idea 35


Halloween Idea #36
For a great Halloween party game, get everyone to sit in a circle or a straight line. The first person whispers a one line sentence like " The wicked witch wore a black dress with a red hat and purple shoes to the Witch's Ball." into the ear of the person next to them. Each person does the same until you get to the last person, who repeats the line out loud.

Just listen to how much the sentence has changed as it's gone from person to person. It seems that no one can remember or repeat a sentence exactly like it was told to them. Oh, it may happen once in a blue moon but it's much more fun to see how distorted the sentence will be! "The mean witch had a red dress and purple pants to go with her black ball." is more likely how the last person will get it!


Halloween Idea #37
If you have porch steps, make sure they are easy to navigate for your trick or treat guests. Use jack-o-lanterns to light the stairs. Put a high intensity glow stick inside for light. Make sure that your porch is well lit.

If you have set up a display on your porch that needs to be more dark than light, set up a spot light to hit the stairs to make them easy to navigate. If you have a weatherproof runner on your porch steps, make sure that it is nailed down properly.  That last thing you want is for someone to trip on the stairs and fall down. It may ruin everyone's Halloween if someone gets hurt badly or they are into law suites. Safety first for a happy Halloween!


Halloween Idea #38
While it might make a great effect to use dry ice in a punch bowl, keep in mind just how dangerous it can be! Any pieces or chips from a block of dry ice can get into the drinks which can cause serious internal damage and severe injury if ingested. Instead, make a separate cauldron with dry ice in it for an effect

Make a separate bowl for punch or anything that people will be drinking. You can still do some cool effects using light from below the punch bowl. By using a light source and a black base, you can light up a clear punch bowl and it looks very cool! The color depends on what type of punch you use. It's simple to do, just click here for the instructions!

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Halloween Idea #39
While most stories of tainted Halloween treats are urban legends, you should instruct your children not to eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you. Some fire stations and hospitals offer X-raying for free to check for foreign articles in candy, check with your local agencies. You can look it over yourself and check for any rips, tears or pin holes that look suspicious.

 The very few incidents that have happened took place around 15 to 20 years ago and were done by family members in order to collect insurance money or to harm a child in the family. Do search under newspaper articles to track down the real events. You'll find that the few that did happen spawned a legend that lives to this day. You never can be too careful, so do a candy check just the same.

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Halloween Idea #40
Halloween style flashlights make a great addition to your child's costume and can add extra safety to a dark night, helping to make your child more visible while trick or treating. You can find ghosts, skulls and many more designs at low prices. Be sure to use long lasting batteries.

You can also use glow sticks and glow jewelry to keep them visible. Reflective tape in stripes on their back helps, too. Anything that you can do to make your kids more visible helps. If you are taking a group of kids out, why not have them all carry a battery powered Halloween lantern that can be found at most places that sell Halloween decorations. 

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