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Halloween Idea #1
Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns - SpookMaster has the biggest and best selection of pumpkin carving patterns anywhere on the Internet. With literally hundreds of great designs, they are the number one choice when looking for top-rate pumpkin patterns. Best if all is that all of their patterns, templates and stencils are free, that's right, completely free! Just download the patterns you want and print them out.

You can carve some truly beautiful and artistic pumpkins freehand, but if you want to create really detailed carvings you'll want to use a pumpkin carving pattern. If you've never carved a pumpkin before, you may be a bit intimidated, but don't worry, its easier than you think and you'll love the results. For more info about pumpkin carving visit Pumpkin Carving 101

Pumpkin Carving Patterns


Halloween Idea #2
What could be better than a coffin for your main Halloween decoration? Whether you are hosting a Halloween party, haunting your house, building a graveyard in your front yard or simply to add something extra creepy to your front porch to scare for you're visitors, adding a coffin or casket as a Halloween decoration is like icing on the cake, spooky icing that is. Visit the Halloween Coffins web site for lots of Halloween coffin ideas.

This coffin is handmade from rough wood to give it an old look. It measures almost six-feet long and looks great with a skeleton, corpse, vampire or other Halloween prop laying inside it. Order early because they are made to order and they do take a while to get them finished. The coffin to the right is available here.

For those on a budget, Rubie's Costume Company makes a low-cost, six foot tall cardboard coffin that sells for only thirty dollars. We reinforced our's on the inside with some strips of good old duct tape to amke it more sturdy. Just remember, this is an inexpensive Halloween prop, you get what you pay for. Check you local Halloween shop, department store or online for availability.

Halloween Ideas #2 - Halloween Coffin

Halloween Idea #3
The first step to creating an impressive Halloween graveyard is to use as many tombstones as you can and are practical for the space you have set aside for your display. Try to buy better quality tombstones of different styles if you can, they look much more realistic than less expensive ones and will last longer since they can take more abuse.

Use dirt to make burial mounds where your tombstones will be. If you have a supply of dirt, you can build up three to six inch high mounds in front of some of the tombstones. Just remember, you'll need to remove all that extra dirt after Halloween. As a final touch, you can scatter leaves, twigs and branches around the area to give it an untended look.
For lots of tips and ideas for using gravestones visit the Halloween Tombstones website.

You can find many different brands of tombstones both on line and off during the Halloween season, use your favorite search engine and take a look! High end tombstones can be bought at the Halloween Connection.

Halloween Tombstones

Halloween Idea #4
If you are having a party for kids or adults, Halloween games can be a great way to keep the party moving smoothly. Anything from bobbing for apples to much more complicated games that everyone will love can be found today! Try this site for printable games such as Halloween crossword puzzles and word finds along with ideas for lots of other Halloween games.

Bobbing for apples is an old tradition that has been up-dated lately because of health concerns. Instead of using a tub of water that everyone is going to get saliva in, take each apple by the stem and tie a thread around it then hang it from the ceiling with a thumb tack. Kids use the same principle, try to bite down and hold an apple in there mouth. If they do, the apple is taken down. This way, each child can try for a fresh apple, no germs are spread and everyone is happy. Everyone that gets an apple, gets a prize to go along with their healthy snack!


Halloween Idea #5
Black lights add quite a stunning effect to any suitable Halloween decor! Using black lights, strobe lights and other light effects can really have an impact on the way your Halloween party, haunt or decorations look. Halloween Online has several articles dedicated to using black lights.

A lot of online stores, mass retail stores and Halloween party stores carry many sizes of black light units, plus a full range of fog machines, bubble machines and snow machines as well as other Halloween party supplies, decorations and props. Check your local newspaper or just look around town for Halloween stores to pop up in September. Stores like Spirit and others set up for Halloween sales through September and October.

Halloween Black Light

Halloween Idea #6
Since Halloween comes only once a year, you will want pick the perfect Halloween costume for yourself and/or family members, and its worth spending a little more to really stand out in a crowd. Try to buy your Halloween costumes as early as possible. This gives you the chance to see if they fit and look the way you envisioned them. It also allows you plenty of time to find the right accessories and make-up for your costumes.

In general, most online costume stores have a larger selection of Halloween costumes than brick-and-mortar stores. Shopping online allows you to purchase well in advance of Halloween, avoiding the last-minute crowds and empty shelves, all without leaving the comfort of your home. Only order from reputable stores that actually stock the costumes they offer. They are a full featured Halloween costume store that has a large selection, great prices and wonderful customer service.

Halloween Ideas #1 - Halloween Costumes

Halloween Idea #7
Looking for a quick and easy way to surround your Halloween Graveyard with a spooky looking old fence. Then "Cemetery Fence Halloween Prop" is just the ticket.

Each set includes two separate fence sections, individually measuring about eighteen inches wide by thirty inches high for a total of thirty-six inches in length by thirty inches in height. Individual sections snap together easily allowing you to make a fence just about any shape and size you want. Each set retails for around $20.00. Check your local Halloween store for availability.

You can even use these props to build a small graveyard setting for inside your house or apartment or for your Halloween Office Party.


Halloween Idea #8
Add the effect of lightning to your haunted house, yard haunt or Halloween party with the Lightning Machine from Haunted Creations. This unit realistically simulates the effects of both thunder and lightning! Read a review about this Halloween special effects unit in the lighting section at The Yard Haunter.

Don't confuse this device with cheap, unrealistic knock-offs. This Lightning Machine was originally designed for commercial haunted attractions where the most bang for the buck was wanted. Since the flash of light from real lightning is seen before we hear the thunder, the method of simulating it must be capable of synchronizing the sound of the thunder and the flash of light generated by a strobe unit. Order early because they never seem to make enough of these and always run out before Halloween. It's a popular seller.

Halloween Lightning Machine

Halloween Idea #9
Add some spider web to your Halloween decorations. Stretchable spider web is a great way to add an extra level of scariness to your home for Halloween. There are all sorts of places that you can add spider webs, such as between porch posts, over your windows, in corners, on furniture, over doorways, between tree limbs, on Halloween decorations.

This stuff can be difficult to work with. Most people don't stretch the web material out far enough, leaving thick strands and clumps that look unrealistic. The best way is to stretch it out a lot to make very thin veils of spider web. Remember, a little goes a long ways. Read this great article on how to use Stretchable Spider Web at Halloween Online.

You can also hang long strands of clear or white thread on your porch to simulate spider webs as people walk through them.

Halloween Spider Webs

Halloween Idea #10
A vampires pale skin and darkened eyes, a witches sexy eye makeup or a zombies rotting flesh all have one thing in common, makeup. Unless you wear a Halloween mask, just about any Halloween costume persona can be enhanced with complementary makeup.

We always experiment long before Halloween night with the makeup style we intend to use so that all goes well on the big night. Make sure that any makeup you buy is water soluble so that is easy to clean off with just soap and water.

The "Super Makeup Kit" which comes with a twelve color makeup palette, three tubes of cream makeup, one tube of fake blood, glitter gel makeup, fake skin, a makeup sponge, stipple sponge and two sponge/brush applicators.

Halloween Makeup Kits
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